Aeon Documentation

Welcome to the Aeon documentation, which attempts to make it as easy as possible for you to use and extend the Aeon tool.

What does Aeon do?

Aeon is a tool that is designed to make getting your personal data that is stored by organisations as easy as possible. You can add all the tools and organisations you work with, and Aeon will reach out to them to get your data back.

Once you do get the data, Aeon shows you what has changed in it, and give you the tools to start adding, modifying or updating said data. All made as easy as possible.

How do I use the documentation?

This documentation is split into two sections. First, we discuss how to use Aeon as an end-user. Secondly, we discuss how Aeon can be extended as a developer, to tailor it to the use cases you desire.

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